DamondBlue.com is Live!

DamondBlue.com is now officially live!

I appreciate all of you taking this ride with me as I continuously work hard to be the best musician and rapper that I can be and to represent my city, Baltimore, to the fullest.

In the upcoming weeks, and to make my presence felt on the internet, I will be giving away prizes such as free music downloads and Damond Blue merchandise from our store.  I may even throw in a few cash prizes as well, so be on the lookout for that.

Me and my team have really worked hard to create a new presence that really shows our vision. We dare to choose and dare to be different. We believe that is the only way to make an impact in a world where everybody is screaming for attention.

Again, I appreciate you for stopping through.  Take a second and sign up for our newsletter below to be alerted when I throw some of those awesome giveaways that I mentioned earlier.  I’ll also give you a heads up when I drop some of that fire that you guys have been waiting for.  Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and keep in touch.